Monday, July 27, 2009

My favorite etsy artists, 365monsters

Ah, yes, the monsters are on the loose! Honestly, it seems that they have taken over at least this corner of the universe with their eerie charms.

In my endless etsy wanderings, I've run across the varied stable of unusual creatures over at 365monsters. Each one is uniquely and wonderfully monstrous! The truly amazing thing here is the shop's explanation by the creator of this macabre herd, Mr. Harry Boardman. Since October 31, 2008, last Halloween, he has created a fresh new monster every day. I similarly try to create at least one piece of jewelry every day, so I felt a certain artistic work ethic kinship here. Plus, I've created a monster or too myself along the way, although inadvertently.

My favorite monster to date from Mr. Boardman is this inky little fellow, Monster Number 136. It's an original pen and ink drawing, and subtly creepy. Here is its description by the artist:

"I've used the same ink bottle to create nearly every single monster chronicled here in this blog. When I walked into the studio tonight I found that the ink had taken on a hideous and evil form of its own. As I backed out of the studio I kept my eyes on the rallying ink monsters and focused my sights on survival."

Haven't we all had those sinister little moments in our fairly safe homes where the most benign things, due to a bend of the light or strange placement, seem a bit unfamiliar and monstrous? I know that I have, but then I've always been an imaginative lass. From a less spooky viewpoint, haven't you ever sat down to create something, and ended up with a finished product that you had no vision of when you began? Almost like it created itself? Yes. The same with inky number 136. Sometimes our creations, no matter what the media, just seem to happen. I love that part of making stuff, but it's an unknown quantity as well. And any unknown quantity can seem a bit creepy.

Anyway, Mr. Boardman applies his monster vision to a myriad of objects, conditions, and situations, all with fantastic result.

Check out his artistic creativity and abilities at his 365monsters etsy shop:

And his 365 Monsters blog:

Or, if you'd prefer something a bit less ghoulish, here is his alternate etsy shop:

Oh, I have to go now. Something is scraping and growling at the door. . .


  1. Thanks for sharing! I totally know what you mean about creative imaginations making things look like something entirely different--even for a second and then you go oh no, silly me :)

  2. wow. awesome :) thanks so much for sharing. i am loving the monster blog!