Monday, July 20, 2009

Take a look around MAB Studios!

I'll admit, I get the giggles whenever someone starts talking about their studio space--how they organize it, different areas for different kinds of art or crafts, how they've decorated it to inspire their work. . . You see, I live in a very small, very full one bedroom apartment. My studio space also acts as my home office, my cat playground and my living room floor. Yes, it's true. Nearly everything I have ever made has been created whilst sitting cross-legged and hunched over upon my living room floor. And under my thin little apartment carpeting is a concrete slab. Let me tell you, the slab gets to MAB's behind after awhile some days!

So, I have longingly gazed at other people's vast studios, whole rooms in which to spread out and organize and create. Cabinets and cupboards and lovely hooks for storage. Rolling bins for convenience. Herds of tables with different surfaces for different applications. Heck, there's a whole magazine being published now strictly geared toward people's studios. And, yes, I get a bit winsome, imagining sitting in an honest to goodness chair at a real life table devoted to jewelry making. Heck, even a real life table devoted to dining. Everything goes all dreamy and wavery as I imagine. . . all the possibilities. . .

And then I think, Gosh darnit, MAB! You've been making jewelry on your living room floor for over six years now. Everything has been coming up roses and lollipops thus far. You come from solid pioneer stock! You make due with what you have, and you smile while doing it! Why mess with a good thing, girl?

So, I straighten up the hump that's developing in my back and reach for a pillow. Butt calluses? You bet! Par for the course, and well worth it, but not so cute. . .

Oh, and many of the lovely beads featured in this post come from a great little shop on etsy, CaladoniaMarch. Check her out. She is utterly fantastic!


  1. Haha.. My creative space is my kitchen table :-) I don't have an extra bedroom for my sewing machine & fabric (I would love one) So I usually start out by cutting on the living room floor in front of the TV & creating at the kitchen table.

  2. I do have a space...but unfortunately its not one of those lovely spaces your talking about. I always wonder who those people are...I think they have nannies and maids and a rich husbands!

  3. From looking at your lovely jewelry, the outcome proves that it is well worth it :)

    Lora from Ohio