Thursday, July 30, 2009

The "Tangled up in Blue" Experiment, part three

Yep, I am plowing right along with this, and really enjoying it. When I finish one line, the next line starts cooking around in the back of my brain, looking for some creative spark to fill the niche. I'm making a piece of jewelry to correspond with each line from the Bob Dylan song, "Tangled up in Blue."

Today, let me present line three!

"Her folks they said our lives together sure was gonna be rough. . ."

Voila! What I did here was take two puzzle pieces of rough birch and wire them together, free form, with gold wire. Oh, my goodness, when this occurred to me, I must admit I had a moment of joy. Then, when I finished the piece, I thought, "Oh, yeah, that is the line."

Rounding out the necklace, I used lovely turquoise slab cut rectangular beads from CaladoniaMarch on etsy, sweet little light and warm brown crystals that came from Shipwreck Beads, and some little gold freshwater pearls. I think the birch bits came from Hobby Lobby awhile back. They were in my bead overflow box, and I'd kind of forgotten about them until this idea hit me.

The piece is very different for me, so I'm really happy with it. Yay!

Onward, as I always say. I think the next piece might involve. . . ribbon. Scary! Frightening new territories for MAB.

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