Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jay McCarroll

I'm a huge "Project Runway" fan, and, with the show returning on Lifetime on August 20th, I thought it was time to run through a few of my favorite designers from past seasons.

My favorite all-time character and designer from "Project Runway" is season one winner Jay McCarroll. Whenever I have seen Jay on television, whether on the show or other venues, he's always real, honest and hysterically funny. If you've never caught season one, throw it on your Netflix cue. Trust me, it's worth the time. I watch it quite often when I'm making jewelry in the evening. Jay's Chrysler Building-inspired dress and his final collection remain some of the best fashion ever produced on that program. Since the show, he has proven to be a thoughtful business person, who cares more about making a quality product in a responsible way than being a cut throat Apprentice wannabe. The more I know about him, the more respect I have for him and the business he's building.

If you don't know about Jay, make sure to check out his online colony, where he has handpicked artists and designers to sell their wares. Fabulous stuff here. Bright colors, unusual prints, fresh and innovative.

I'm in love with this bag. I think everyone should be in love with this bag. Just like everyone should be in love with Jay. He's a genius. Love him, buy his clothes.

Jay's colony website:


  1. I heart Jay McCarroll. Can you even stand waiting until August 20th?

  2. I must admit he's my favorite, he is hilarious and talented. I was wondering what's going on with him...

  3. I'm absolutely giddy over the return of Project Runway. I've worn out my DVD's of all four seasons and even ordered the kinda disappointing season five that just came out Tuesday. It's a great show to make jewelry to. And Jay rocks.

  4. I love Project Runway and I can't wait for it to start again as well. Jay is one of my favorites.