Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jewelry making tips #3

When you're wandering through the craft store on that adrenaline craft store sort of high (come on, you know you get it too), don't just limit yourself to the bead and jewelry supply section. I was in Hobby Lobby Saturday and wandered through the miniature section, with all of the little doll house stuff. I found this tiny tea cup and saucer and thought, "Okay, I can do something with that, I think."

Next time, I'm getting the tiny retro TV!


  1. i am all about this kind of jewellery. I love sticking odds and sods like this on to chains etc. omg a mini tv would be GORGEOUS

  2. I put the mini TV back. . . sigh. . . and opted for the more traditional tea cup. I should have learned after all these years. :)