Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jewelry making tips #5

The cleansing powers of destashing. Yes, I love all of my supplies. All three billion little shiny pieces. But sometimes even I have to be willing to let some things go. I have stuff I will never use, stuff that came in big exciting boxes, mixed in with other stuff, all rattling and wonderful. A lot of this stuff will be a lot more useful to someone else.

I am an ardent fan of the mixed lot. You know what I mean. It's advertised on etsy or ebay as a mixed lot of something or other. Or it's a big bag of stuff at a flea market or a yard sale. There are few things as marvelous as poking through a lot of stuff and finding little treasures. Also, in these lots are things I admire but will never use. Or things I just have tooooooo much of already, like this lot of charms and circles and connectors. My closet positively jingles with little metal bits of loveliness. Time to let some go on to someone who can pay more attention to them.

Or this fabulous pile of metallic joy. All kinds of stuff, much of which I have no idea what to do with. However, there are a lot of artists or jewelry makers out there who can look at this and say, "Voila! Just what I need for my next project."

To cleanse my jewelry crafting karma, the best thing is to pass them on. I've given away a ton of stuff, or destashed it cheaply online to sell it. One thing I know for sure. . . Whatever I can't use someone else certainly can.

Plus, I've cleaned out space to acquire new groovy stuff!


  1. I love mixed lots as well. The thought of finding that prefect little treasure in a bag full of stuff sounds great to me. I know what you mean you can have to much, good idea selling on Etsy.

  2. What is destashing? I seriously don't know, but I see the term on Etsy all the time. I must google it or something.

  3. It's a big old etsy term that I learned when I was still just a buyer. It's when you go into your stash of supplies, weed out stuff that you can bear to get rid of, and then list it for sale. I think destash also means lower pricing, but that might just be my opinion. I like big old destash lots of stuff.