Friday, August 21, 2009

"Project Runway" love hangover

Yes, last night was the long-awaited premier of "Project Runway." I'll leave the recaps to the experts, but I must say that I was not disappointed by the actual premier. The All-Star Challenge Design-off special. . . not as inspiring. Oh, it was great to see all of those designers from past seasons who have been in my living room via DVD many many times. I watch the DVD's a lot when I'm making jewelry. I just wasn't all that inspired by what they made, and I wasn't all that happy about who they chose as the winner. Will I watch it again when they rerun it? Well, yes, of course. Why? Because I'm addicted!

This year on the actual program, there's a Dayton, Ohio naitive, Althea Harper, as well as an etsy member, Louise Black. Honestly, the whole cast seems like a fun bunch of people. We had tears, meltdowns, confusion, drama and some lovely dresses. I'm looking forward to the entire season. Gosh, it was so good to have Tim Gunn back, and Heidi and Nina and Michael. And Lindsay Lohan? Okay, even Lindsay Lohan.

I have to give it up for Lindsay, actually, because she said something so very true that everyone who creates anything for sale has to remember:

"But the person that's wearing it has to love it more because you can make it all you want but you gotta make sure someone is going to buy it."

Words of wisdom from Lindsay Lohan? Now you all know I'm really in the middle of a love hangover. . .

To read the best dang blog on all things Project Runway and fashion in general, check out this link:

I cannot attempt to compete with those guys.

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