Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Tangled up in Blue Experiment, Part Sixteen

More blue! More blue! I'm making a piece of jewelry inspired by each and every line of Bob Dylan's song, "Tangled up in Blue." I have to say, this is my favorite piece yet to come out of this little experiment.

Line sixteen:

"But I never did like it all that much, and one day the axe just fell."

I didn't have an axe, but I did have this super cool vintage penknife that's been rattling around in my pendant box, just waiting for its moment in the sun. The knife is very old, but it does still open. I didn't check the sharpness, because sharp things and I sometimes do not get along. The sharp thing always wins.

I used this delicate filigree pendant behind the penknife. They looked interesting together. And then I added the turquoise glass beads and the yummy gold crystals. I'm kind of loving this one. It's quirky, but still pretty.

Stay tuned for more blue.

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