Monday, August 31, 2009

Vintage! Buttons

Vintage buttons are such charming little minxes. There's something so alluring about them. I've been amassing them for years, and didn't realize that I had seven billion in my apartment until I started destashing them. It's difficult to explain their allure, except they combine three things I love the most: tinyness, shinyness and vintageness. Vintageness may not be a word, but you get the gist.

I listed this corn necklace today. The pendant is made of a vintage copper corn ear button. How fab is that? The shank had been cut out of the button before I got it, so I set it on this antiqued setting, and it turned out great. I just read an article about never ever cutting the shank off a vintage button, so I promise to never do that. But this necklace just looks like fall and harvesting.

And then there's this yummy black glass cab button that dates at least pre-1920's. It looks Victorian to me, and it turned into this great, dark, sort of goth bracelet. It may have been a closure on some delightful formal suit or gown. Who knows what sort of events it attended?

Ah, the allure of vintage. I made need a twelve-step program.


  1. Vintageness is totally a word in my book! haha.
    I love the corn necklace.
    I also love the fact that use the word minx..I love to call people "you little minx, you." hahaha.
    Beautiful jewelry, as always!

  2. I tried vintage-tivity, but that seemed a little long! You minx, you.

  3. Oooh pretty... love the look of vintage! ;)