Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jewelry making tips, #6

"Use what you have."
I was in an etsy forum the other evening, and everyone was discussing the best business advice they'd ever gotten. Someone said, "Use what you have."

Now, I'm a practical girl at heart, okay, except for the 100+ pairs of shoes. But I love love love to buy beads and supplies. New stuff gives me new ideas to make something different and wonderful. New supplies are the best thing ever.

However, I have so much stuff, bins and bins of stuff. I have beads and beads and more beads, and every single little plastic baggie full of beads made me happy when I first bought it. Then, some got shoved to the back or the bottom, and forgotten, and I fell out of love because of some brighter, shinier, new thing. Bad, bad MAB. So fickle.

So, I'm going to use what I have for awile. This necklace I made from a mixed bag of pearls, mismatched, left over from other projects or from lots of vintage beads that I picked up here and there, along with a sprinkling of glass beads and crystals, also left over from other projects. The tigereye heart is from a batch of stone beads that a friend brought me from her trip to England. All together, I think it's one of my favorite pieces that I've made lately.

"Use what you have." Wise advice, huh?

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