Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My favorite etsy artists, sighandgroan

New to etsy, and so delightful, sigh and groan had me with The Casino. Why? Because that is my beloved mother, I swear. Look at her, and I dare you not to giggle. You all think you can curse? My mother is the most creative curser ever born on the planet Earth. You think you love to gamble? Sit my mother in front of a slot machine and come back three days later. Will she curse at you? Maybe. But they will be curses of complete joy. So, my reaction to this one was completely personal, and that's why I ordered it. For my mama. For Christmas. Please don't tell her.

The key to really great art is that it hits you on some personal emotional level. The Casino obviously did that for me, huh?

sighandgroan's shop slogan is, "Tongue-in-cheek imagery with just a twist of WTF." Genius. Her illustrations and collages are fantastic, often hysterical, and fabulously unique. Check out Mountain Man. Sure, he's going to eat you alive, but he's going to do it with a delightful goofy grin on his face. Plus, he'll help clear out some of those pesky trees for the new highway that's coming through. Greedy giant fellow, so adorable. If you have to go by being eaten by a gigantic monster, this is definitely the way to do it.

Then, sighandgroan offers up this vixenish bunny. How fab is she, seriously? It makes me smile every time I look at it. Who knew that bunnies wore such amazing lingerie? That could explain why they are always having more bunnies. And such a tiny waist with a, well, rather disproportionate head. . . Hot.

The key to sighandgroan's collage success is her great eye and her fearlessness of smashing unlike items into each other to make something new and amusing. She says that her shop name comes from a person's reaction to a bad joke, but her telling mini-scenes aren't groaners. And her line drawings remind me a bit of the illustrations from The Little Prince. Remember that book? With a healthy dash of Aubrey Beardsley. Her illustration, I'm Lost, is a whole different genre from the collages, more serious, just as striking.

In other words, she's not like any one other artist. Her work is wonderfully original and sharply funny. Take a peek at her shop. It's full of more wonderful funny, and some more serious, fresh images. I guarantee, there is not a groaner in the bunch.


  1. I can't thank you enough for featuring my shop. Your review is right on the mark. And my favourite artist is Aubrey Beardsley, too! I feel this review is exactly how I want customers to see my work. I am eternally grateful, thank you so much Laura!

  2. Oh, wow, how great about Aubrey! I love the man as well. I'm so glad you're pleased with it, and I so love your stuff. :) All smiley here in Ohio!

  3. Ok, so you are in Ohio.
    I am from Ohio.
    My mom likes casinos.
    Your mom likes casinos.
    They both make up curses.
    Hmmm. Are we sisters?!?!?!? hahahaha.
    Great feature!
    Her shop kicks ass!

  4. My mom's greatest made up curse of all time, and please no one be offended, is "fuck-a-roon-ie." It makes me hysterical.

  5. Your mum is funny ! Love those art work .