Monday, September 28, 2009

Project Runway! Movie costume challenge, sort of!

Once again, the challenge criteria were more than a little confusing. Make a costume inspired by an invented character from a movie genre. Update it to make it modern and wearable. Or not. It's a costume. It's a viable day-to-day outfit. You got your peanut butter in my chocolate. . .
Here is the winner, from Nicholas. It's a science fiction space opera queen. Or something. It might be an outfit for an escapee from a Cold War Ice Capades show. I do not love it. I suppose it might make an interesting costume for some sort of film. . . with gnomes. . . at Studio 54. . . in a sleet storm? Yeah, I don't get it, but that's all right.

Here's the loser, and it most definitely should have been the loser, also for a sci fi film. As much as Ra'mon seems like a sincere, sweet fellow, this is a costume for an escapee from a Public Access Dr. Who rip off. This looks like I made it with a some pinking shears and a glue gun, doesn't it? And parts of it tore off, so I'm not sure if that is supposed to indicate some sort of reptilian skin molting or what. Plus, Ra'mon started his explanation of the outfit with, "Her name is Lola." I've had "Copacabana" running through my head ever since. Bye bye, Ramon.

This is my favorite design from the show, once again from Epperson. He was stuck with Western as a genre, and that would have completely stumped me. Yet, he created this lovely outfit, that almost looks like deconstructed Lauren. It's incredible. Not necessarily historically accurate, but then neither is the Ice Queen, now is it?
The main crux here is this: The desingers were told they were designing strictly a movie costume, to be used only in a film. The judging got wishy-washy and indistinct, discussing wearability and taking a Western or period piece and modernizing it into something fresh. On one hand, these criteria are incredibly unfair, because techincally there is no "historically accurate" or "wearability" for science fiction or even action/adventure. On the other hand, the criteria were unfair because they were applied in a completely random manner to each design individually. The Film Noir designs were the most disappointing for me, because I love Film Noir, and neither design captured the genre at all.
The Ice Queen might be a great movie costume. The Western Epperson dress is a more appealing design. The molting lizard lady? Well, she needs to go to the design cornfield for sure.
And despite the problems with the judging on the show, it's still my favorite hour of television.


  1. I was in love with Epperson's western wear! it was the clear winner to me. I haven't really been into Epperson's vibe, but now I am watching him. Western would have probably been my first choice, but he would have spanked me! The ice princess, hmmm. It was bland but nice, but that model is great, so everything on her rocks. I am not loving that designer in general, unfairly because of his horrible hair. Maybe I would qualify as a judge this season?

  2. oh thats a great interpretation of western wear. thank god it wasnt something reminiscent of daisy duke... im intrigued to see the film noir styles but yes I too love that genre and do not want to be disappointed. great post.

  3. I am with ya. I liked this challenge because it was obscure, but due to it's very nature, it can't be judged without bias. I am especially happy, though, that the model Fatma is gone - ugh her attitude drove me nuts! Do you also watch Models of the Runway?

  4. I have been watching MOTR, and I think Fatma was a bit wacky, but the girl could walk it. It's interesting to see what they think of the designers, isn't it? Plus, since they do the whole model choosing on that show, it frees up more time for design on PR, and that is wonderful!