Friday, September 4, 2009

QVC, why? Why?

I'm not a big watcher of QVC, but I do sometimes pause when flipping through stations and I catch them selling jewelry. It amazes me that thousands and thousands of these overpriced pieces of mass-produced, often icky, jewelry sell out in twelve minutes. So, I thought I would do a side-by-side comparison of a few items from the immensely popular Joan Rivers collection on QVC, with lovely handmade items from etsy.

Item one:
<-----Blue "Look of Agate" Joan Rivers necklace, with plastic stones, mass produced in China, thousands sold, $69.50.

"Out on the Open Tundra" Crazy lace agate necklace from Sunyata on etsy, yummy, -----> $60.00.

Item two:

Joan Rivers faceted crystal bib necklace on velvet cord, made in China, might be glass, can't tell from website description. Made in China.

Tiered Black Bubble Necklace, Made to Order, from Basilthecat on etsy, $50.00, scrumptious.

Item three:

Joan Rivers In It to Win It necklace, 34" long, acrylic beads, Made in China, $61.32. <------------------

Bold glass necklace from Simply Shell on etsy, 33 1/2", all Czech glass beads, gorgeous, $36.50

Aren't the etsy items lovely? Even if they weren't less expensive, made from better materials, and offered better descriptions of materials on the website, wouldn't you rather wear something original and made by someone, an artisan, who loves what they do and what they make.
Nothing against Joan Rivers, but these fabulous etsy jewelry creators would be my choice every single time.
Now, we just need to figure out a way to get all of those QVC shoppers to come to etsy, where everything is prettier, better made and less expensive.
etsyTV anyone?


  1. Etsy is the only way to go, I wish Joan Rivers would realize that!

  2. Love this post! Brilliant :) You should totally do this weekly or monthly, and compare Etsy jewelry vs _________ . It could be like that MTV show, oh, what was it called? Um....Celebrity Deathmatch, yes like that but jewelry. And we as readers could vote each week on who Etsy will take into the ring ha ha ha! Sorry, I totally went off there. Couldn't help it! Awesome post MAB :)

    PS Hope your birthday was wonderful!!!

  3. You know, it's not just jewelry, it's a lot of stuff that you can get cheaper and better on etsy. I have been completely converted, and plan on doing a lot of my holiday shopping there.
    Birthday has been great so far, and it isn't over yet! Thanks!

  4. Um, that "Dar Hans" entry was me typing a comment under my husband's account without knowing it - opps!
    What I meant to say was that I LOVE THIS POST! I love that you put QVC to "shame" by finding cheaper, yet handmade with love products from Etsy! Way to go - I think I might steal this idea for my own blog one day - ingenious!

  5. I am just amazed at how much of the QVC stuff is not very pretty, not very well made, yet kind of high priced. Even their "fine jewelry" is sort of scary. Then there's the lady with the duck sweaters, but I'll save that for another day.

  6. Great post! Very interesting comparison.

    I have been so in love with Etsy since I found it a couple months back. Completely addicted, can't stop buying! I'm always truely amazed at the beautiful and original creations I find, and how cheap they are. I won't buy accesories anywhere else now. I love owning something that no one else has.

    Just a couple weeks back I bought a custom made hat on Etsy for $23! I bought a similar, mass-produced one at Urban Outfitters last summer for $42. I tell everyone! Fabulous.

  7. I agree! Handmade wins out everytime! I have a custom made purse from an Etsy seller that I absolutely LOVE! Way nicer than coach! And a handmade wallet, and coin pouch, and jewlery . . .
    Boooo QVC