Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The "Tangled up in Blue" Experiment, Parts 21 & 22

Not only can MAB not seem to count to twenty, I also completely forgot to add number 21. So, we had two number nineteens. . . ah, well. Please forgive me.

I'm creating a piece of jewelry inspired by every line from "Tangled up in Blue" by Mr. Bob Dylan. On to numbers 21 and 22, both wonderfully dangling earrings.

Line 21 is the chorus again, "Tangled up in blue." I took these lovely brass oval stampings, with a "tangle" of filigree, added some marbelized light blue glass hearts and twisted gold glass bugle beads, hung them from French hooks, and, presto change-o, earrings! They have really great movement to them.

Line 22: "She was working in a topless place, and I stopped in for a beer."

Stripping and beer. Okay. This could have branched off in various directions, but I went with tassels.
I took some shiny silver vintage chain, and made a sort of fringed tassle with different lengths that gradually get longer. Then, I added some opaque aqua glass blossom bead caps and some rhodium tulip-style bead caps. Eye pins, jump rings, stainless steel French hooks, and, voila! Earrings.
These are fab and unusual, with terrific dangle-ishisness.
Word of the day: dangle-ishisness.