Wednesday, October 21, 2009


You know, I've been making jewelry full tilt for six months, every single night, and working on my etsy shop, planning shows, promoting, tweetering, blogging, etc. I've made a metric ton of stuff, sold more than I thought, and had a great deal of fun.
Tonight, I got my beads out and thought, "I have no idea." I made a couple of things and closed up the bins and put all of my supplies away.
I think I'm having a bit of burnout. Does this ever happen to anyone else?
Don't worry, the mojo will be back. I think I just need a breakie break, maybe a day or two of doing absolutely nothing jewelry-related. Time to recharge and come back with fresh eyes. I appreciate any advice from my brilliant readers.


  1. Happens to me.
    Just with the shuffle I've done this last week to add 20 items was a chore. I have fun doing it, but I get burnt out too some days.
    Especially with the dang masks!
    Take a few days break, watch some inspiring movies, listen to emotion rising music and just breath.

  2. Praying, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You are a dear princess!

  3. I'm right there with you. The promotional part is just too much sometimes. Does Etsy advertise the site anywhere, I wonder? None of my friends (all cool, btw) have ever heard of Etsy. It's quite shocking.

  4. I've been burnt out for weeks :( I was moving at turbo speed for a long while and then hit a wall. I just don't want to make any jewelry right now. I tried to make some leaf earrings the other day and gave up. Anyway, I just got my first sewing machine, so I've been spending my time learning how to use it. You make so much stuff, I'm not surprised you need a break :) You'll be back to it when it feels right.