Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The many talents of squarejane

You know what I forgot to mention, dedicated readers? I've joined an etsy street team, the etsy OWLS. What an amazingly talented bunch of ladies, not to mention how helpful and downright fun they are. Have you seen this poop costume? Isn't it the funniest thing ever? It was created by the incredibly talented and generous OWLS team member, squarejane, and I think it's genius. Yes, that's her adorable son there in the picture. Trust me, little kids are fascinated by poop, even if we adults get a little squeamish over it. And the greatest thing from the description: "No actual poops or flies were harmed in the creation of this costume." Now, that's brilliant.

squarejane also created this lovely Frida Kahlo art doll. As someone who doesn't sew, I'm always fascinated by textile artists like squarejane who can envision something like this doll or the poop costume, draft a pattern, cut it out, sew it up, paint or embellish it, and make something wonderful and one of a kind. I'm also amazed by multi-media artists like squarejane, who are able to imagine and produce things as varied as this sweet and delicate biographical doll, and then turn around and make a poop suit. Genius, eh?
As if that weren't enough, squarejane also paints. Now, you all know that I have a serious monkey phobia. But how cute are these? It's the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil saying as a sock monkey triptych. Wonderful, colorful, whimsical.

She knits, makes purses and plushy toys, wallets and organizers, and jewelry. Wow. She's a dynamo of creative power, isn't she? She's also currently taking custom costume orders, so if you want something special for Halloween, now is the time to ask. I know she could make you that realistic chartreuse Bigfoot costume that you've always dreamed of with no problem.
Visit her shop now, and be prepared to be amazed. I didn't have space to mention the steak outfit. . .


  1. cool :) congratz i joined FFEST facebook fans on etsy and i love it :)

  2. Hey fellow Owl! Great picks! I do love the poop costume, I haven't seen anything like it! I'm off to check her out!