Monday, October 19, 2009

Project Runway! But I dreamed of tulle, feather and rhinestone headdresses

Last week's Project Runway challenge was my design dream come true: Make a stage costume for Christina Aguilera in the Bob Mackie style! Seriously? Holy heavens, if I could design or sew or had any idea how to attach a feather to a garmet, my girl would have looked like a walking drag queen formal dinner Art Nouveau chandelier! She would have jingled and flapped and fluttered like a trinket cart in a gypsy camp. (Not sure what that last phrase meant either. I just made it up.) This is your chance to go INSANE and do Bedazzled Cirque de Soleil streetwalker stuff.
They basically made gowns. Here is the winning garment, from the adorable Carol Hannah. It's gorgeous, and was most certainly the best of the bunch. The feathers and mixes of fabric are fabulous, and it reminds me of something Eartha Kitt would have worn to sing at a smoky nightclub in the sixties. Carol Hannah doesn't usually design this sort of thing, and she really stepped up to the challenge and delivered a memorable look. She also has a shop on etsy. Check out her stuff. It's so lovely.

Here is your loser, from Shirin. Oooh, that skirt is bad. Heidi said it looked like an upscale witch costume for Halloween, but it kind of has a touch of Stevie Nicks to it as well. And not in a good way. I'm not sure what she was trying to do there with those flippy bits of white and silver shredded fabric, but it looks distressed. Again, not in a good way. Shirin has been struggling the past few weeks, and her good natured banter had changed to overwhelmed whining. We all kind of knew it was her time to go. Good luck wishes to her.

I would be remiss if I closed this post without a pic of Christopher's tinfoil spankies. La Nina said this look was reminiscent of Christina's Lady Marmelade era, but I think she was off. The bottoms look like the ruffled over-undies that square dancers wear for those moments when they spin and their skirts fly out. And the bustier/corset. . . well, Louise Black could certainly have helped him out a bit with that. If Christopher had somehow fashioned the glittering spankies into a headdress. . . That's what I was hoping for.
Check out Carol Hannah's shop here:


  1. i love that show.... i have no idea how they can make such intricate garments so fast.... i can't even make a pillow slip cover in that time! ;)

  2. I didn't know Carol Hannah has an Etsy shop!!! Awesome!

    Lol @ She would have jingled and flapped and fluttered like a trinket cart in a gypsy camp :)

  3. Boy was I disapointed with that episode. I so agree with you and the drag-queen-gypsy-cart. Haha. There should have been crazy, outlandish, over the top madness! How boring. Where's Santino when you need him? Or better yet Austin Scarlett? That boy knew how to work the glam.

  4. Omgosh, I had no idea that Carol Hannah had an Etsy shop, I'm off to check it out!