Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project Runway! Greece? Is that near Queens?

Last week, on the previous episode of Project Runway, it was time for the Michael Kors challenge. Basically, our star struck designers wandered down Rodeo Drive to the west coast headquarters of a famous designer! Exciting! Except that designer was someone who they've already met, and who has judged their designs on several occasions. Not so exciting. Where is Diane von Furstenberg, for heaven's sake? Why trot out Kors again? Anyway, the challenge itself was kind of cool--design an outfit inspired by a specific place that Kors finds inspiring. There were lots of choices--St. Tropez, Miami, Hollywood, Santa Fe. Here is your winner, from Irina, who chose Aspen. Is it just me, or does it kind of look like a ski-themed Bratz doll outfit? Can't you just see it on a doll in a box with a set of pink skis and a plastic chihauhau with a snow hat on? I guess it says Aspen, and it does look expensive, and she did make three pieces, but that camel colored cowl thing is killing me. Wasn't Camel Colored Cowl Thing a song by Roy Orbinson? No? Well, it should have been.

And here is your loser, Nicolas, aka Peppermint Patty. This also sort of looks like Bratz doll ski wear. The big problem was that his inspiration location was supposed to be Greece. Grey menswear trousers and a long sleeved white surplice top. This outfit does not put me in the mind of Greece goddesses, Athena, or even a toga party at a frat house. It's not a horrible outfit, but it certainly has nothing to do with Greece. As Michael Kors said, "You got the wrong Greece. You got Grease the movie." So, bye bye Feather Prince. I actually warmed to you as the season progressed, and again wish you nothing but luck. Heck, he already designs the wings for the Victoria's Secret runway shows. Not like he's sewing in his uncle's crawlspace.

One last note: The guest judge this week was the lovely Milla Jovovich, and she was fab--enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and able to say more than, "I would wear that dress." Yay, Milla, the best guest of the season thus far.


  1. OMG! a Bratz ski outfit LOL that's it exactly!

  2. Lol! Bratz exactly! I can't stand those dolls and the awful messages they send. As a former preschool teacher, I witnessed firsthand what those dolls can do to little followers. Is peppermint patty a name you made up for him? Am I missing something? You're right about the whole Kors thing. It seems like someone couldn't make it, so Michael became the consolation challenge. I hope to god they get rid of Chris this week!

  3. The brilliant guys over at Project Rungay named Nicolas Peppermint Patty, and he does look amazingly like the Charlie Brown character. Cracks me up. He called himself the Feather Prince. Not sure what this week's challenge is, but I am so looking forward to my PR fix!