Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Sultan of Sequins, Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie is going to be a judge tonight on Project Runway. He's been designing for about fifty years, and has dressed everyone from Marie Osmond to RuPaul. I thought I'd gather a few images of his incredible, over the top designs. All I can say is. . . Wow.


  1. Wow, those are amazing! Looking forward to tonight!

  2. Now, this might sound crazy but I swear my grandma owns a pice of his. She's gotten really greedy over the years and is always trying to get the family to sell her crap lol :) It's obviously not all crap but anyway, I remember her telling me about this Mackie fellow when I was selling shit on eBay.

    PS I'm just PISSED because she wouldn't sell me her vintage green velvet Ungaro coat. IT WAS TO DIE FOR! Okay now I sound greedy, but wouldn't you choose your granddaughter over selling something to some asshole clothing dealer. Sheesh!

  3. If she has a Bob Mackie, it could be worth some bucks. He's very collectible. My grandma had this great karakul (?) fur coat from the fifties that I wanted so much, but it mysteriously disappeared. I'm not a real fur person, but I got her mink collar thingie, and the cat pulled it down from the closet one night and tried to kill it.
    I think you should have gotten the Ungaro coat! Not selfish. Fashionably sentimental.

  4. ugh. had such high hopes for this week, but was so disappointed. at least Lifetime is airing a lot more of the snarky criticism from the judges than Bravo did.