Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vote! It's your democratic right!

So, the etsy OWLS team had an October challengs--something you can wear or carry whilst trick or treating. The entries are up, and it's time to vote! All of these are super cool. Check it out. Vote often!


  1. This team you're on seems soooo neat! I'll make my way over and vote :) I came to your blog this morning and just as I was about to elaborate on my issues with horror movies (on your zombie post), my brother came for our Wed walk. Anyway, I like subtle scary. Like the movies that freak you out without showing you a thing--the movie Signs comes to mind. My siblings and I used to watch Freddy and Jason movies and they never bothered me. If anything I think the gratuitous blood and guts stuff is just silly...and of course gross. I just don't like the ones with ghosts and crap. Noooooooooooo thanks!

  2. I like all kinds of horror movies, but some are so bad they're not even laughable or entertaining. Nice that you and your brother get along like that and hang out together.