Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Etsy OWLS team scavenger hunt!

Okay, faithful readers, get ready for some fun. The etsy OWLS team is having a scavenger hunt to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday and all of the joy that kicks off the official Christmas season. Here's how you can play!
1. Start here, at the OWLS team's etsy shop.
2. In one of the listings in the shop, one of the item's five pictures will be Mr. Gobble Gobble turkey, seen over there. <----------
3. In that item's description, you'll find your link to the next shop in the scavenger hunt.
4. Keep track of the items and shops you visit.
5. Once you've completed the hunt, email your list of shops and items to the wonderfully dynamic OWLS team member, Praying for Fall at
6. And what's your reward? A checkout code that will get you an extra 10% off in the participating shops, including MAB Jewelry. I'm already offering 20% off and free shipping.
This is like free money! Start hunting for those turkeys now!


  1. How cool! I've heard of these before. I'll be sending you a convo shortly :)

  2. What a cute idea! Happy Thanksgiving!