Monday, November 9, 2009

Project Runway! And then there were (a predictable) three

Look at Gordana's dress. Isn't it lovely? Doesn't it look just like she was inspired by a Monet painting? Can you believe she got eliminated after creating this gorgeous garment? Yes and no, huh? Yeah, me too.

This week, our exhausted designers travelled to the Getty Center for inspiration. The inspirations were varied and interesting, including the Monet painting, noted above, Carol Hannah's opulent French bed, Irina's beautiful painting. . . and two others. Can I just say that Gordana's dress was sublime and moved so wonderfully on the runway, and her model worked that dress for all she was worth. It's a shame Gordana didn't get to go to Fashion Week. In the past, the designer or designers eliminated in the final challenge also got to create a decoy collection for Fashion Week, so the press wouldn't be able to tell who the final three were. Because of the legal issues plaguing Project Runway while they taped Season Six, those designers didn't get that extra opportunity to prove their talent. I will only say it one more time. . . especially based on this dress, Gordana should have had that opportunity. She didn't get it.

Who should have been eliminated instead? Check out Althea's dress here. Yes, Althea is from Dayton, and I should have some sort of geographical loyalty to her. However, has anyone else noticed how many wonky, badly fitted, tank-style tops this girl has thrown down the runway this season? This dress is supposed to have an architectural inspiration, but it looks like a cheap cocktail dress made of bad fabric that was balled up in a suitcase for a transcontinental flight. It looks like doo doo, basically. Althea has benefitted from having one of the strongest models on the show. The girl can walk anything, and she has great loyalty for her designer. Even if her designer makes her walk the runway in a rumpled, not cute dress that looks like an old hankie. Compared to Gordana's dress above, this is. . . Okay, I'm going to stop now.

Christopher was the other eliminated designer. His dress was inspired by algae covered rocks in a fountain. It's not a pretty dress, and no one was surprised to see him go. He has such great ideas and inspiring passion for what he does. It seems that he just needs more experience converting those ideas and passions into successful design.
So, the final three are my girl Carol Hannah, Meana Irina, and Althea. I knew from the past two or three episodes that these were going to be our final three, and it seemed that the remaining designers knew, too. I am interested to see what they'll produce given big money and lots of time. Previews showed Carol Hannah extraordinarily sick, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Why? I like her designs and her personality.
Realistically, based on how this season has gone so far, I'm predicting Irina for the win. Again, we'll have to see what they're able to put together, but the way the editing has gone thus far, I don't think Carol Hannah will take it. Boo. Reality TV disappointment strikes again.


  1. Very interesting site. Of course, the kitty pictures stole the show! Hmmmm....your creative jewellery is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock & F. Scott Fitzgerald? Thank God you didn't mention Stephen King as your author muse....people would've been terrified of your jewellery!

  2. You know, I do watch a lot of horror movies while making jewelry. . . hmmmm.

  3. This is my first time watching Project Runway. I don't have cable TV but I found a place online to watch it and got hooked. I don't always agree with the judges, for example I've liked Gordana from the beginning. I love all her designs including the rumpled hankie in this episode. lol. Sad to see her go. I like Carol Hannah too because she is sweet and I like her designs for the most part. I like Irina's designs too but her attitude is terrible.

  4. Nooo. . . I thought Gordana's Monet dress was gorgeous, and perfect for the challenge. Althea's looked like a hankie. Sorry.

  5. Bah! This has been a very disapointing season so far. Fist they kicked of my man Epperson, then I moved on to Gordana as my favourite, and despite her stunning, perfect for the challenge dress, she lost to Althea. Bah I say! Even Althea's winning dresses were ugly messes. Everytime she sent her model down the runway I'd be yelling, "put a bra on her!".


    At least Irina is very talented, even if she is a big meany.