Monday, November 2, 2009

Project Runway! One okay look begets another lesser okay look

I loved this challenge. This is one of the smartest challenges of the entire seaon. Take your winning look from an earlier challenge, and create a companion piece. I don't sew, let alone design fashion, but this seems like a fairly practical way to start building a collection. Here is your winner, from Althea. You know, I hated the original shorts outfit when it won, and I hate her look for this challenge even more. The original outfit had that cute jacket, but the shorts and tank were bananas. This outfit had some sort of Snuggie mutant sweater shrug arm cowl, on top of another badly fitted tank that was not at all flattering to the model's bouncy lady melons, bottomed off with some wacky paperbag topped, pointy calfed, drawstring waisted pants that scared me to death. Out of all six pieces featured in this double photo, would you spend big money on any of them? Seriously? Maybe the jacket, but the rest of it is an unflattering smattering of whateverness. I do not get it. Why do the judges love these garments? Ick. Just ick.

And this was the week where we lost our token heterosexual dude, Logan. Honestly, I wasn't all that offended by his garment this week. It was a little Judy Jetson, and I don't know where in the heck anyone would actually wear it, but at least he had some sort of idea and was able to execute it. He's been struggling for weeks, but this was the most confident thing he's made all season. Ah, Logan, the models will certainly miss you.
Now, this was also the week where everyone turned into a bitch. There were copycat accusations flying, lots of smack talk, and very little love in the design room. If I'd been trapped 24/7 with these people for weeks, no sleep, bad food, sharing a bathroom, putting on eyeliner in a compact mirror, forced to create at a breakneck speed in unfamiliar surroundings with various unusual materials, I would have been vacillating between useless giggling, singing Neil Diamond songs at the top of my lungs, and calling everyone names by week two. I can't really blame the designers for getting cranky. However, I do respect those who are able to rise above the nastiness and keep on keeping on. For that, I would like to see the adorable Carol Hannah win this season. Plus, her dress this week was so fab.
Rumor has it that the guest judge on the next episode is none other than Cindy Crawford. Wow. I hope the challenge is something preposterous. . .


  1. LOL!! What a riot you are with your analysis of the designs! You post exactly what I am thinking while watching the shows with my chilled glass of wine and some popcorn! Can't wait to see what happens this week.

  2. Yeah, seriously, what was with those pants? Mrs. Seal said she loved them or wanted them or something of that nature. I guess when you're one of the most beautiful women in the world you can afford to walk around in a taffeta diaper...the rest of us...? I'm sayin' no.

  3. PS "snuggie" LOL that's good!