Monday, November 16, 2009

Project Runway! Yawn. . . perk. . . yawn. . . puke. . . not so surprising surprise

Project Runway Season Six is winding down. Last week, we had the episode before the finale. I always like these episodes, where Tim travels to catch up with the designers in their home environments, working on their collections. Not the most thrilling episode of the season, but it's nice to see where these people have come from before they ended up in our living rooms whipping up insta-fashion. Tim definitely stole the show. He wore a jaunty apron to make Southern style biscuits with Carol Hannah's mom.

Then, he travelled to Dayton to check up on Althea! Excitement! Can I assure you all that Dayton does not consist entirely of rickety freight elevators? We also have vacant homes and abandoned factories. They don't call it the Rust Belt for no reason, people. When Tim said, "Egads!" it was actually the high point of the entire episode for me. Then came the crashing disappointment of knowing that Tim was that close to my home, a dozen miles away, and I didn't even get a chance to stalk him. Ah, missed opportunities.

Carol Hannah has a stomach virus. Major bummer, because I think she is so wonderful. There is a surprise thirteenth look that the designers must complete. Not so surprising, since Project Runway has done this sort of thing before.

The big surprise for me is how the designers don't have their collections complete when they get on the plane for Bryant Park. Now, I am a psycho over-preparer. I prepare for things that will never, ever happen, just in case. (Although, I obviously forgot to prepare a plan to rescue Tim from the rickety Front Street elevator.) There is a 75% chance that the designers will have to make an extra piece in the five days they have to prepare for their final show. They have at least a couple of months to get everything together. Would you not have your garments as complete as humanly possible before you got there? I know, you'd have alterations after fittings, and you might change some details after Tim's sage review, but would you fly in with stuff pinned together? That would make me such a nervous wreck that I wouldn't be able to cope.

Anyway, I'm sending all of my good energy to Carol Hannah, even though this all happened months ago. I would like to see her win. If I had to put cash money on it, I'd go with Irina. That means that Althea will most likely take it! You can peek at their final collections online, but I haven't done that. I'm all excited about the surprise of seeing them at the finale. Peeking under the wrappings just spoils the gift, don't you think?


  1. christian won with a mostly black collection, so we'll see...

    (of course, his collection didn't hinge on 'formal' t-shirts either...)

  2. Christian Siriano would have buried the constestants this year, I'm afraid, but I have a huge soft spot for him.

  3. SO excited! Go Carol Hannah, sickness and all!

  4. i have so much to catch up on! i haven't seen PR in weeks...uh oh.

  5. so funny it is like you were sitting on my couch with me and my friend Leona. We were rooting for Carol Hannah as well and thought the same of your deducing who the winner would be.
    It will soon all start again. Can't wait.