Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage! Another Treasury? Get out of town!

Wow, I snagged another treasury! Here, I've been trying for months, and I always seem to miss them. Now, I have a Main Treasury and a Treasury West simultaneously. Kismet?
This one is my dream treasury, a tribute to Old Hollywood Glamour. You can find amazing vintage pieces on etsy. I have coveted this ring for months. Yes, it's from the 80s, but doesn't it just scream Rita Hayworth? Check it out here. And drop in on my Old Hollywood Glamour Treasury. Leave a comment, if you're in the mood. Let's get this gorgeous vintage to the front page, even if it's just for twenty minutes.
Happy end of November, guys!


  1. It truly is a gorgeous ring. What is it anyway? Lol. Okay, I checked. It's a synthetic emerald. Love that green :)

  2. It's synthetic and from the eighties, but I love it so. Big and shiny.

  3. Omg, I don't even care it's's really pretty!

  4. Great treasury... I hope you make it to front page!!! :)

  5. Love Vintage :)

    what an amazing ring. Hope you make it to the front page :)

    regards, T.