Monday, December 14, 2009

Cozying up with HappyKATT

Let me tell you about my friend, HappyKATT. Her name stands for Happy Knitting All the Time, and the girl has a way with yarn. Look at this lovely Fall Leaves capelet. Sweet and feminine and entirely original. It's a wrap for a winter princess, made from yummy alpaca yarn. Such a soft and gorgeous pink, and currently half price.

Do you need a last minute happy gift? How charming are these gingerbread fingerless gloves? Warm and wonderful and whimsical. Made of soft merino wool, great when the January winds blow in (and you know they're going to). Perfect for anyone left on your gift list, and they ship free for you.

Feeling a little gnomey? A tad tweedy? Did you know that eighty percent of your body heat is lost out of the top of your head? Yeah, I'm not sure either, but someone told me that once. How cute is this Gnome hat in blue tweed? Cozy, stylish and extraordinarily darling. This baby made it to the front page, too, so it's famous!
Now that shivering season is setting in, it's time to treat yourself to something from HappyKATT. It's not even a luxury; it's an absolute necessity. Wind chill, people! Her stuff cures wind chill!


  1. Super cute stuff. Yeah, she definitely has a way with yarn indeed :)

    I've never tried knitting. I do know how to crochet a bit. Not sure if I've mentioned that before. Anyway, a friend taught me a few years back, and I went nuts and made everyone scarves one Christmas. Needless to say I've suffered burnout from that!

  2. Aww MAB! that's so nice of you!!! Thanks. XO

  3. that gnome hat is so cute! the only way it could *perhaps* be more perfect is if it came with gnome slippers.