Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday movies! The Thin Man

Technically, The Thin Man (1934) is not a holiday movie in the "Hey, Santa is coming!" kind of way, but the action takes place at Christmas, so it counts. Plus, Nora Charles is one of my lifetime role models. Nick and Nora Charles are a flirtatious, much in love married couple. Nick is a retired detective. Nora is a wealthy heiress. They have a wire haired fox terrier named Asta (his name comes up quite often as a crossword clue).

Nick gets pulled out of retirement and into a murder case involving a vanishing friend. The film closes with a dinner party where the culprit is revealed. This movie isn't breaking any ground in story or plotline. What is so wonderfully charming is the witty exchanges between William Powell and the devastatingly beautiful Myrna Loy. Seriously, eyebrows to die for. They drink cases of gin. The smoke hundreds of cigarettes. They're smart and funny and terribly elite. Loy wears gowns and furs and jewelry to drool over. Even their Christmas decorations look jet set.

This is a great Christmas Eve movie, light and smart, funny and elegant. I feel a little bit classier every time I watch it. Now, repeat after me: "Today, I will be more like Nora Charles. . ." That way you can say things like, "Oh, Nicky, I love you because you know such lovely people."


  1. a total classic and one of my favorites!

  2. My dad loves that movie. I don't think I've seen it, or I was too young to commit it to memory.

    My sister cares for a brother and sister pair of King Charles Spaniels named Nick and Nora. They are too cute! Actually, you can see me holding Nick in my blogger profile.

    I will have to check this flick out per your recommendation :)