Friday, December 4, 2009

MAB's etsy finds! ChickamaugaBill!

I ran across ChickamaugaBill when I was grazing etsy the other day, and I immediately bought a ring. Now, when someone who makes jewelry buys someone else's jewelry. . . well, that's some good jewelry. I'm not sure that sentence made sense, but you get the gist. His coin rings are incredible. Check out this 1912 silver dime ring. Yummy, huh?

So, the ring I ordered arrived in the mail, carefully packaged. I opened it up and fell in love with it. The workmanship was incredible, and it felt like an heirloom piece that had been in the family for years. What did I do? I ordered another one, yay! I'm in awe of the way he sometimes curves the coins so they fit the finger more comfortably, like he did with this 1935 Indian Head Nickel. Seriously, how wonderful is this?

My grandpa used to collect coins, and I carry one of his Mercury dimes with me everywhere I go for luck. Maybe that's why these rings are so personal and gorgeous to me. Bill did something wonderful with this Israel coin, making it more than a collectible trinket. He made it a wearable piece of art. He took a lovely old bit and transformed it into something new and wonderful. I love and admire that.

Go now and visit his etsy shop! Prepare to be completely charmed.

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