Thursday, December 17, 2009

My favorite etsy artists, luckyjackson

I have to start out by saying, Tim Gunn! Yes! luckyjackson says in her banner that she makes happy art. Her Ode to Tim Gunn is a happy surprise of a mixed media piece. She took a vintage linen tablecloth that she picked up at a yard sale, painted a portrait of Sir Tim on it, and then added quilting detail. Amazing. I love the use of the fabric with the portrait and then the subtle embellishment of her sewing. It's something I would never ever think of doing, and that's what etsy is all about for me, finding wonderfully creative people like luckyjackson who see things so differently and make interesting, fresh little pieces of joy. As Tim would say, "Stunning."

You can buy her pieces as less expensive prints with all of the originality and beauty, as well. Beautiful Girl is a pretty and simple portrait of a young girl, embroidered in black outline on a printed piece of vintage fabric. It's a colorful alternative to an ink line drawing, and the addition of the pattern on the fabric makes it so bright and sweet and full of Spring. I just love this. For some reason, it reminds me of French New Wave movie posters, minimalist and flowery at the same time.

I featured this photo awhile back in one of my blog posts. Sophia Loren looking disparagingly at Jayne Mansfield's amply exposed cleavage. How wonderful is it transformed into black embroidery on a vintage cabbage rose printed sheet with the added dimension and texture of pearls and beaded earrings? It's just so cool, and it made you smile, didn't it? That's happy art indeed.
Check out luckyjackson's shop on etsy, full of originality, beauty and fresh happiness.

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  1. You are right, Etsy is an amazing place to find truly original pieces. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)

    I don't know what S.L. is glaring at J.M. for doesn't she have ample boobies too?!?!

    Have a great day, regards, T.