Sunday, December 27, 2009

The over importance of a wall calendar

I can't just buy a wall calendar. It's a year long commitment to something that I'm going to look at every day, hanging next to the kitchen sink while I wash dishes. I ruminate over my yearly wall calendar, look at a ton of them, try to find something that will inspire me for 365 days. In the past, my calendars have ranged from Jackie Kennedy to Hello Kitty, from Marilyn Monroe to London's architecture. This year, I went with Pulp Attack. It features the exploitative and fantastic art from the covers of pulp novels from the Thirties and Forties, heavy on girls gone bad. Let's see if it inspires some pulpy jewelry, eh? Or maybe I'll go bad and end up on the chain gang.
Does anyone else do this? Search and search for just the right calendar to inspire them to greatness for the year? Or is this just more proof of my much ado about nothing?


  1. oh gosh yes. i can't function day to day without a calendar to write down all my important things on. josh never understands this (and that's why his income tax bill is going to be late this year, while mine was already sent in days ago! booya!) i usually pick out or ask for one every year and most of them have been pinup girls (especially vargas ones!) i got a scottish fold kitten one from my cousin this year as a gift, which was great news since i'm too broke to go pick one out! but BOY do i love the looks of your new one. i might go searching one out once they put calendars on sale, just so i can make pretty pictures out of them!!
    ps hope your christmas was lovely :) i finally got my glasses :D

  2. Yay for glasses! You would love this calendar. It's very vampy. I got it off Amazon, but they're no longer offering it.

  3. And I thought I was the only one obsessed with the 'right' calendar. I MUST have an engagement calendar - one week per page and I wait until after Christmas to get it half price, and am in a panic until I get the one I want. I get the same one every year - with local weather and pictures. And everything goes in there (especially tax info!) I think I have about nearly 20 years of them stashed away!