Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I think this is a sign that I'm getting old. I grew up in Southern Florida, without any real seasons. When I first moved to Ohio, I used to get so excited about winter and snow. The first snow filled me with absolute joy. Yesterday, we had our first dusting of snow, and we're supposed to get more this week. All I'm thinking is, Ugh, I'm cold and the sky is gray. Soon, there will be shovelling and beating ice off of the car with a broom. Sidewalk salt. Slippery roads. Eighty-seven layers of clothes to walk outside.
On a positive note, I do love sleeping in a cold room, under fifty-seven blankets. I love my winter coats and a snuggly sweater. I don't have to keep up with my pedicure if I'm wearing socks and proper shoes all the time. No loud air conditioner. Soup and mint M&M's are in season. Cats in my lap. Christmas. The movie Elf is on TV every single day.
So, do you all love or hate snowy wintery stuff? Am I being a terrible wimpy Scrooge here? I'm sure all of you who live in snowier climates than mine are just shaking your heads. . . Southwestern Ohio is hardly the snow belt. And spring is only four and a half months away.
Let it snow? Um, no.


  1. If you're a wimp, well I'm worse on this one. We don't have big winters here in the Seattle area. When it snows half an inch, they come on the TV calling it Blizzard Watch two thousand whatever the date. I get cold so easily. I can't stand the weather right now, and there's only frost on the lawn. Your poor thing. Cozy up :)

  2. Here in Minn, we had one of warmest Novembers in history - for sure in my lifetime - and now WINTER is here and I'm still not prepared or happy! It is supposed to get below zero tonight. Thankfully, I have alpaca to wear (inside and outside), but the blowing wind still chills me when I trek to the barn. Think cozy fires, warm slippers, hot drinks!