Monday, January 4, 2010

It's cold! You need a cozy sweater from HappyKATT

It's cold out. It's really really cold. Sunday morning, when I got up, it was three degrees. We all need a comforting, cozy, sweet sweater. A sweater handmade with love and stylish know-how. A beautiful, unusual charmer of a sweater. Well, we are all in luck. HappyKATT is giving away this lovely sweater on her blog.

Seriously, she's giving away this lovely aqua to blue to green cardigan. The entire sweater. Not just a sleeve. All you have to do is go over and visit her beautiful blog, and leave a comment letting her know what you think about her fantabulous sweater. For a second entry, you can tweet or twitter or tweeter about her giveaway. You should also visit her Etsy shop and take a look at all of the gorgeous things she has made with yarn. Enter now! The deadline is Saturday, 9 January. It's not going to get any warmer for a couple of months. You need this!


  1. People who Knit/Crochet are my heros. They have such patience.

  2. I just came from there ha ha. Working my way down the ole blog reader :)