Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project Runway! Project Runway is back!

Yes, this is the Project Runway that we all passionately adore, drinking champage on the roof of Atlas! Heidi is pregnant and drinking cider! Tim is. . . Tim! So very Tim. Drink that bubbly up! The first episode of the new season was on this week, and it was fantastic. We have a great batch of personalities--a kind of punk guy, an Atlanta guy who says things like "sweating like a Baptist preacher," lots of women with bangs, and a girl who sounds just like Jan Brady, if you close your eyes while she's crying! There's a wacky Asian girl who drapes stuff on her own body and wants her model to do dance routines on the runway! There's a guy named Jesus! There are a whole bunch of other people sewing and panicking and making stuff! It's exciting.

The challenge was reminiscent of the first challenge from Season Four, with a vast array of Mood Fabric in an outdoor New York setting, and lots of frenzied running and grabbing. However, the designers were then asked to only take five fabrics from all that they had grabbed.

Here is your winning dress, from a fellow named Emilio. This dress is so sweet, and the striping pattern was made by appliqueing layers of fabric one on top of the other. I think this is adorable. It may not be the most exciting dress ever made in the history of Project Runway (that would be Chris March and Siriano's dress for the Haute Couture challenge in Season Four), but it's well constructed, has a point of view, shows some innovation and moves like a dream.

And here is your losing dress. Geez Louise, it must be terrible to be the first one voted off. I can't imagine going into the show, having all of this strangeness and stress thrown at you within a day's time, producing a dress under such bizarre circumstances, and then being sent home when you only got one shot at it. This dress is not good on many levels--from fabric, styling, execution, etc.--but you still have to feel for the first designer to go out.

From next week's previews, it looks like the designers go to the farm! I can't wait to see Tim on the farm! Or Ping. Ping on the Farm. Now, that would make a great children's book title.


  1. I think Ping is my favorite this season. I don't think she'll make it to the end though, reminds me a bit of the girl who spit on her fabrics for markings-remember her?!

  2. Oh, yes, Elise from Season Four. Man, she could turn out some lovely clothes from time to time. I know way too much about Project Runway, don't I? Eeek.