Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spirit animal

Etsy has a survey up right now for feedback on the Storque blog. At the end, thrown into a general request for comments, they offhandedly asked about spirit animals. This caused quite a hullaballoo, although I didn't quite understand why it was insulting to anyone. Yes, it was silly, but I don't think it was meant as a New Age heathen take over of the world. Anyway, here are my three candidates for my spirit animal.
Ah, the obvious one. I don't know if Franklin is my spirit animal, but he is certainly me in animal form--all the good and all the bad. Look at that expressive, opinionated little face.
The second candidate is a hawk. I see them all the time. There's one that lives around my apartment building, and it swoops in and plucks a sparrow off the shrub every now and then for breakfast. They're so lovely and powerful and focused. I may have those moments.

This is a plankton. There's something zen-like about plankton. They just swim around and do their thing at the small end of the food chain. Simple, unaware existence, going on about life with no concerns. Sounds kind of wonderful, doesn't it?

Typically, I can't choose just one. I didn't even get to fuzzy bunnies and spitting llamas. . .
Or the well dressed, well spoken ferocity of La Nina Garcia. Ah, to be a Columbian force of fashion nature.


  1. I did a blog post about this too. I thought it was a silly question to ask in the middle of a serious discussion was all. I didn't really care about spirit animals and whether I or anyone believed in it. I just thought is silly and not necessary was all.


  2. I think my spirit animals are stuffed animals (no, not taxidermy... the cute ones). Not sure what it says about me.

  3. Mine is an OWL.... or snake.
    Drawn to both very much, in fact I'm using them as my chest piece tattoo idea. ;)

  4. That's an interesting question, I've actuallly never thought about it. I'm going to have fun deciding what mine would be today! Although, I agree, the plankton exsistence sounds appealing. ;)

  5. For me it would be a turtle (symbol of strength), or a wolf. I have sea turtle tattoos down my spine :)

  6. What a fun post! I think a horse would be my spirit animal, simply because I've always had a connection with them. They can be so focused and driven, and yet they are such gentle and calm creatures. Yep, that's me :)