Monday, January 18, 2010

Why I watch awards shows, the good

First off, Robert Downey, Jr., please call me. You are officially the hottest man on the planet! Delicious.
It rained on the red carpet, and I kept worrying about frizzy hair and gown trains dragging through puddles. Could they not have put up some sort of series of pop up tents or something to keep these poor celebrities dry? I have a pop up tent, but there are none in all of Hollywood?
Good thing it didn't snow, huh?
Okay, trends of the evening seemed to be: purple, ruffles, and big shiny diamond-encrusted bracelets.
There was a startling lack of necklaces on the red carpet. It made me sad. More necklaces please.
Cher in something and Christina Aguilera in Versace
Oh my goodness, these two together are like a drag queen's dream, aren't they? Cher, honey, you're going to get some grief over this dress, and I can't even find out who designed it, but you look a-ma-zing. You're Cher. Who cares what anyone thinks! And Christina looks like one of those tiny ballerinas that pop up inside jewelry boxes. Magnificent couple of the night.
Kate Hudson in Marchesa Bridal
Okay, it's a wedding dress, I guess, and that seems like an odd choice. But she is so sassy and cheeky that she completely pulls it off. Love the architectural quality of the top softened with the ruffle. And her body is fierce.

Drew Barrymore in Atelier Versace
Drew can do no wrong in my book, even at her dishevelled worst, and this is Drew at her best. Fresh, pink and sweet. She's a delicious cupcake. And she was so charming and adorable when she gave her acceptance speech for Grey Gardens. Seriously, don't you want to hang out with Drew?

Olivia Wilde in Gucci
Wow, she never gets it wrong. The draped front is so dramatic, it doesn't need much more. With her hair slicked back and that amazing bracelet, she looks like noir Greek goddess perfection.
A sparkling column of loveliness.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Vionnet
I don't know the actress or the designer, but isn't this dress a drapey dream? And such a fantastic pop of color. This is how you wear a young, short dress on the red carpet, eh?

January Jones in Lanvin
This look is getting some grief, but I have to say, when she stepped up to be interviewed, I said, "Oh, yes." Dramatic, unusual--you have to give her props for taking a chance. Love the headband action on her, too. So there, fashion experts.

Heidi Klum in Roberto Cavalli, with her beloved Seal
This dress is incredible, sparkly and glamourous, like a Barbie Christmas dress. However, she looks like she needs to pull it up a bit there in the front. Don't they always just look so happy and in love, though? Beautiful.

Emily Blunt in Dolce and Gabbana
Feminine, airy and elegant. This chick knows what she's doing. And check out those bracelets. Could you have more fab sparkle around those fragile little British wrists? No! No, I say!

Toni Collette in Elie Saab
I love this dress because it's shiny and intricate, like an interesting piece of treasure. The pattern of the beading is incredible. I bet that sucker weighed ninety pounds. Plus, she has a rock band. Very cool.


  1. LOL! Now I feel like I saw the show eventhough I didn't. Yes I agree Cher looked fabulous! She could wear a garbage bag and rock it! OMG Robert Downey Jr! A huge favorite of mine from way back before the drugs when he was a young and upcoming actor and I just "knew" he was one to watch. And he's super hot! ;0)

  2. *drools* Robert Downey Jr...yum.
    Emily Blunt is so pretty, but she looks like her base is the wrong shade.
    Heidi Klum is gonna lose that dress any second! Geez, heave it up lady!
    Ginnifer Goodwin, love her, Big Love and He's Just Not That Into You.
    Olivia Wilde, me-ow!

  3. I enjoyed reading this blog post. I only saw bits and pieces of it the other night.

  4. Back off, Mab. Robert Downey Jr. is MINE!!!! MINE! good LORD he's so freaking hot . . . .
    Shit. Now I have to go change my panties . . .

  5. Update: Cher was wearing Bob Mackie. No wonder I loved it.