Saturday, February 6, 2010

Now THIS is some snow!

Here are some pictures of last night's snow. When I went to bed, I'd gotten maybe four inches. I woke up to at least a foot of snow, plus high winds that blew that snow up into fantastic drifts. They looks like sand dunes, and some are close to five feet high.
This is out my front walk to the street. This drift is probably about four feet tall.
Here's where I shovelled (yay. . .). It's really sticky wet snow, hard to shovel, but pretty when it coats the shrubs and even the corner of the building.
This is the backyard to the street. The plow fellow came and cleared the parking lot, so we got big old pushed up clumps of snow. The snow is blowing here. You can kind of see it. Yes, it blew up my nose while I was shovelling.
Here's a drift that blew up as high as my bedroom window. That drift over there in the yard is easily four feet high as well. Somewhere under there is a sidewalk. Maybe I'll get that cleaned out tomorrow, after I dig out my poor little car.
See how the snow stuck to the brick of the building and my bird feeder? Weird. Plus, this gives you a better idea of the drift. The shepherd's hook is about five feet high.
If anyone wants to come over and shovel tomorrow, let me now!


  1. Great Pics :) Hope you stay warm :) regards, T.

  2. It looks like you made some progress on clearing a path! It's super windy here too--which is making it worse.

  3. Holy moly! That snow is almost taller than I am!

  4. Goodness! Now I know what real snow looks like ;) You should see our sorry excuse for snow around here.

  5. Nice!!! The damn snow keeps missing Colorado! Oh - and the naked lady sculpture hangs on the wall along with 2 others!

  6. Wow!.. that is a loooooot of snow! Oh, i want to build a snowman after looking at all your pics!