Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project Runway! Heidi Klum's gonna wear my dress!

Now this was the funnest (funnest?) challenge thus far from Season 7, so how great is it that the funnest designtestant won it? Yay, Anthony! You have given us the greatest personality and one-liners this season, and you seem like a wonderful, spirited Southern gentleman. I love a Southern gentleman. And it seems that the other designers love him as well. That certainly says something about his character.

The challenge went a little like this: Design a dress for Heidi to wear for a cover shoot for Marie Claire magazine. It has to be bright and eye-catching, but not shiny. And it's for Heidi, so it needs to be short and Heidi-ish. Although I liked Ben's dress better this episode, Anthony's was pure Heidi--a great color for her, some architectural interest which she has been sporting at awards shows over the past year, and it looks like spring. I'm not a big noodle fan, but this dress was perfect for the challenge.

Our loser was Anna, who made this three-piece bit, oddly enough using almost the same color fabric for her tank that Anthony used for his dress. The shorts are a little wacky here, with a weird fit, and the vest seems like an odd choice as well. The big problem, though, was this just does not look like a fashion magazine cover outfit. Kors hit it on the nosey when he said that they weren't supposed to design for a teen magazine. This reads very Seventeen summer advitorial, not Marie Claire April cover with Heidi Klum. It's just sort of blah, clothes with no design. Anna seems quite new to this business, and unsure most of the time about her vision. None of her designs really popped, even though she often had interesting techniques and ideas behind them. This model, however, is my favorite, not because of her walk or look, but because of her amazing Scottish accent. She has such a great voice.
This week, they design for children. Man, I hope there's alcohol provided.


  1. i don't know what anna was thinking...poor girl. i was also surprised that i liked anthony's- but it was amazing. can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. I have yet to watch this show . . .I probably should!

  3. That was a great episode... Anthony isn't at the top of my list, but he does have character. Yes, the shorts outfit was a bit teen... Anna seems a bit naive so I think she needs to study a bit more about fashion.