Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Runway! Teams and multiple garments and the Ping-ending

Last week's Project Runway brought us one of our mostest favoritest situations: A Team Challenge! Team challenges are fab, because some designers invariably act out and melt down and are so badly matched that their garments end up looking like I made them, and that is not in any way a compliment. The challenge itself was a bit convoluted--your inspiration is a museum-worthy couture dress that you create in a twosome with a team leader. Oh, but, hey, you also have to create a cheap version of another team's couture dress without copying it. Ummm. . . okay. I don't think the cheap versions really impacted the final judgement much, although some of them were quite lovely.
Here is your winning design, from Mila and Jonathan. Eh, I'm not crazy about it. It's very Sixties mod with some Duran Duran and track suit detailing tossed in for hipster cred. I knew it would win as soon as it came down the runway, though, because Michael Kors loves separates. Listen, future PR contestants. This is the key! No matter what the challenge is, if you're supposed to make a wedding dress, a couture gown, or a llama from quilted organza. Make separates. If Kors is judging, he will love you. The winning look is visually interesting and well-made, especially the jacket. Mila may well be a force to be reckoned with.

Here is the losing garment, designed by Ping and that cranky fellow with the slicked down hair who kind of looks like Christian Bale in American Psycho. Jesse. Jesse Lenoir. I believe he is the actor who portrayed Jack Sparrow at Disney World. Actor being a relative term. Anywho, these two did not play well together. Ping was flakey. Pirate guy was semi-violent and a little scary. The dress was impractical and odd, except the lace sheath underneath all of that swathed crap was actually quite pretty and fit very well. The main issue with the dress is that you have to carry eighty yards of fabric around the entire time you have it on. This would make it hard to drive, hard to have dinner, and very very hard to go to the ladies room.
Ah, Ping, you little wackadoodle. I wouldn't have worked well with you either, probably, because you can't even remember to put on shoes when you leave your apartment for the day. You would make me a nervous wreck. However, from afar, here in Ohio in the orderly sanctity of my living room, I couldn't help but adore you. Much in the way I adore Grover from Sesame Street. Keep making big drapey, not sewn dresses, but stay away from butt flaps, yeah?

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  1. oooh... love project runway!

    I just came across your blog because I saw that another blogger gave you an award and so I wanted to check out your blog.

    I don't really remember loving any of the garments on project runway last week, but I thought ping should have gone home the week before.