Friday, February 12, 2010

What is MAB making?

with modern silver hammered hearts and circles
The Crimson Queen necklace
with raw brass filigree and yummy vintage deep red glass teardrop charms
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Pleasant Valley necklace
with kitschy 50s ideal housewife image
also, my only piece of jewelry named after a Monkees' song (so far)

Celebration necklace
with vintage lucite leaves and blooms and vintage crystals
made last night while thinking about the creative genius of Alexander McQueen


  1. Pretty!!!!! Very nice jewelry!

  2. The hammered heart earrings are lovely (I love the look of hammered metal)! The vintage "crimson queen" is stunning, very regal (hence the title I suppose)!

  3. I love the celebration necklace...just gorgeous! I've given you the Sunshine Blog Award @

    You can pick it up anytime!