Friday, March 12, 2010

Cool etsy stuff alert!

Time to celebrate the grooviness of the etsy community by showing off some cool stuff.
maudie makes gorgeous lampwork beads, with amazing colors and patterns. She offered a giveaway on her blog, and I was fortunate enough to get this batch of lovely, moody mauve beads. I mixed them with purple crystals, white freshwater pearls and copper textured coins, and made a necklace that I'm keeping for myself! Yay! MAB never gets new jewelry anymore. So, big thanks to maudie, and check out her etsy shop for more incredible beads that she has made with her own two hands.

Next up, I entered a giveaway for a magical narwhal journal from the very generous FarrenSquare. Seriously, how fabtastic is this? It's pretty bleeping fabtastic, because I won it! Maybe this will inpsire me to keep a regular notebook again, instead of random To Do lists. Thanks, FarrenSquare! And check out her etsy shop for more magical journals and other handmade and vintage treasures.

And last, but most definitely not least, will you take a gander at this superlatively lovely bag that Gini at HappyKATT made just for me! Oh, my, yes. It has lions and bears and chess pieces and coats of arms. She added these uber cool covered button thingies. I don't know diddly doo about sewing, so I'm not explaining it very well. Plus, the purse just came in the mail, and I've decided that I'm going to marry it and live with it in perfect harmony for eternity. Suffice to say, I'm digging the bag. She can make one for you, too! She has bags, accessories, and yummy clothing and knitted items in her etsy shop. Go visit her. She's an awesome and talented dame.
I always say the greatest thing about etsy is the community and the one of a kind stuff that they make with passion and love. Here are three great examples. Happy Friday!


  1. Lovely goodies! I especially love that sweet little narwhal. How cute is that? There are SO many talented folks out there. :) Have a good weekend...Theresa :)

  2. I love seeing cool stuff that other people have created. Awesome!

  3. You have been a lucky girl. What a stash :)

    Love the bag too, you know you can't marry it right unless there is a frog in there, LOL :)

    Have a great weekend, T.

  4. WOMAN!!! Read my blog post from yesterday. I tagged you to do something completely ridiculous!

  5. Coolness for sure! Better keep your eye on that there bag of yours!!

  6. Lol, I would marry that bag too! It's fabulous!