Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Runway! It's Elemental

Hey, I completely forgot to do a post on the previous week's Project Runway! And it was one of my favorite challenges ever. They had to make garments with stuff from the hardware store. Bah! Anyway, onward. On last week's Runway, the designers had to design according to one of the four elements: earth, wind, fire and the commodores. Okay, no, earth, air, fire and water were the inspirations. It's kind of a goofy challenge, with no real parameters, and a lot of the designtestants went a little bit wacky, creating black fire dresses and such. Here is your winning dress from Jonathan. His element was air, and this look was inspired by laughter. Yeah, I'm not exactly getting that either. I've seen (and worn) plenty of clothes that inspired laughter. But he did this intriguing textile thing where he layered different fabrics, and then cut away at the layers to get different colors and textures. Plus, the collar is very light, and it suits his model to perfection. I love the dress, no matter what the inspiration. Wonderful job.

And here is your losing look, from sweet and cute Ben. He got water as his inspiration, so he decided to make a shark-like pant suit? And he'd never made a suit before? And he only had a day to make it? Bad. The trousers had this weird piecing thing going on around the crotch that made them look like football pants or a jock strap. It was not cute, and it looked like she was. . . packing. Plus, it had shark teeth buttons on the sleeves. He did forgo the fin, however. It was a weak idea, and poorly constructed and tailored. Sad to see him go, though, because he seems like such a sweetie, and he'd designed some wonderful looks along the way.

I finally figured out who Ben reminds me of--Dewey, my favorite character from Malcolm in the Middle! Yeah? Yeah.


  1. Jonathan's dress was just lovely and I agree, that cutaway thing he did was very interesting :) I wasn't really sure who was going to be booted this time, but I guess Ben makes sense. So far, I'd like to see Seth Aaron, Jay, and Mila (or Jonathan depending on what he does) in the finals.

  2. I don't have cable, so MAB is my only reference to this show. From the picture the jacket in the losing outfit looks really cute. Was it? Or was it just a lucky camera angle? (the pants? yeah, very un-feminine!)

  3. Teresa, you can watch full episodes on the Lifetime website, if you want. The jacket wasn't bad, but the whole outfit was just not tailored or constructed well. It was too much of a design with too little time to make it. The pants were tragic.