Monday, April 19, 2010

Project Runway! Oh, my senseless fury!

I have jokingly said before that I sometimes think that the Project Runway judges and I do not see the same garments on the runway. You know, that's probably at least a little bit true. These outfits probably do look different in person. Not that this attempt at reason excuses the big old load of crapola that was last week's Project Runway. Yes, I am cranky about this. I realize that it's just a reality television show. However, they already pulled the "We can't decide on a final three, let's string an extra person along for awhile just to yank his illusions, and then send his behind home for all the wrong reasons because we are Fashion Geniuses on Mt. Olympus."
Sorry, I was ranting like a ferret there for a second. Onward.
So, the two designers "Left To Fight It Out For A Chance To Show At Bryant Park" were Jay and Mila. Each had to choose three looks from their lines to show the judges. Above are Jay's three looks. Check out the gaiters or shin guards. Fierce, yeah? That little purple dress is yummy. Not crazy about the silver Starship Enterprise-esque top, but the black trousers there are impeccable. And that jacket in the third look made me drool with desire like a fashion perv.
Here are Mila's three looks. Twiggy tweedy yam-shaped coat in black and white, retro with a cowl. Cute little silvery spangle paillette dress, not ground-breaking, but sweet in a kind of Mod meets Flapper sort of way. Patchwork dress with startling giant houndstooth and mismatched stripes, with blanketie slanketie sort of gray yam-shaped wrap robe jacket. Is there anything new here? Am I missing it? Do you love these clothes? I just do not love these clothes. The more I look at them, the less I can find to love.
They sent Jay home. Mila won The Fashion Fight To The Death. Yeah, okay. The conspiracy theory is that this show is now on Lifetime, and viewers would be angry with an all male finale. Balderdash, I say. We're the same viewers the show always had, and we all just want the best three designers in the finale.
So, here are some ideas:
1. From here on out, if there are supposed to be three designers in the finale, don't do this absurd poo where you send four and crush one just before the big show. Even though they get to show anyway, as a decoy collection, it's just tacky.
2. Your viewers want to see two things: (a) good fashion from designers they have learned a bit about, and (b) drama. We all know it. Manufacture the drama, I don't care. I would like to know if Emilio is even more of a dirtbag than he seems after editing, because no one seems to love him. Tim seems to consider him one step above a vomit stain in the carpet.
3. More Tim Gunn! I don't care how, but more Tim Gunn!
4. Bring back the reunion show. I love it when this group of people who have backstabbed, slandered, and thrown each other under the proverbial bus gets together on a few big old sofas and chew on each other's. . . Oh, wait. The reunion show is this week? Yay!

Seth Aaron for the win!


  1. oooooh! I love a reunion show and, for the record, I'm with you on the Jay/Mila thing. Jay was just better and I hated (and I do mean "hated") Mila's sack-like, geometrical, black and white, hasn't been new since Rudi Gernreich creations.

  2. Totally agree with you. When it comes down to it there is no way that Mila will win! I call shenanigans! or input from the producers putting one female through to the final!