Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Runway! The Reunion Show!

*Note: This is about the only time that people smiled during this reunion show.
*Note Two: Yes, Seth Aaron has Jimmy Neutron's hair.
Okay, I'm not going to blog about the finale, because some people don't watch the show until it's available online Saturday. However, to all of those people and any other people out there, please spare the thirty minutes for the reunion show, and let me know what you think.
Here's my take on this lovely little program.
I have never in my life seen such unbridled nastiness and bitchery. I'm not afraid of bitchery. In fact, if done with a sense of humor, it can be pretty entertaining. However, this was just outright, blatant, mean-hearted bitchery, followed by hollow apologies, followed by Tim Gunn looking very uncomfortable. I think it upset his viscera.
Maybe it's the addition of the models into the whole reunion mix?
Thank God they don't serve alcohol before the reunion shows anymore, or this would have evolved into a hostage situation pretty quickly.


  1. Aha! I like project runway too although I never got over the tatoos on that one guy's neck-you know, that guy that won becuase of all his "rock n roll" outfits...

    I'm glad to know it will be worth watching when it hits reruns. I like those bravo all day marathons espec. if it is housewives of NY. I can't wait for NJ to start back up.

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  3. so subtle!

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