Thursday, May 20, 2010

My favorite Etsy artists! tasteslikepurple

Top Ten Reasons I Love tasteslikepurple
10. My shop motto is "No Naked Wrists." Her shop motto is "Life is too short to have naked walls." Coincidence? I think not!
9. She's a self-taught artist, with incredible talent, a great eye, and a heaping help of undeniable photographic magic. She has several fanciful photos of bubbles in her shop, including Bobbles Two. What she's done to enhance this image takes it into the field of modern fairy tales.

8. Her flower portraits are incredible. Look at the colors and patterns in this close up, Mello Yello. Sublimely beautiful.

7. She's always a calming and sensible presence in the Etsy Forums. And, believe me, the Forums need that. Or at least I need that, when I'm in the Forums.

6. She can also do dark, stark, black and white, and I love me some dark, stark, black and white. Doesn't Caw Caw look like a still from a Vincent Price movie based on a Poe story?

5. Her shop name, tasteslikepurple, reminds me of grape popsicles.
4. I still have no idea exactly what she photographed here in Glass Guts, but it reminds me of Escher mixed with an x-ray, with a bit of Art Deco added in. Absolutely captivating. Another example of her great eye for pattern and beauty in what is often overlooked.

3. She has a wicked sense of humor, a great outlook on life, and once called me "toots."

2. All of her images are available as greeting cards. Super groovy.
And. . . the Number One reason I love tasteslikepurple. . .
Now, take a little trip over to her Etsy shop. I recently bought one of her gorgeous photos, and it's displayed in my living room. It makes me happy every day. You need some of this happiness!