Monday, May 10, 2010

New stuff from Team Bacon!

Stay tuned to Team Bacon! and the blog for exciting upcoming events!

Oak Flame Velvet Shibori Scarf from teegee

A Single Rose 14k Rose Gold Ring from seababejewelry

Freida the Owl from sassypackratstudios

i don't follow trends i set them ACEO original from moonstr

This Calls for Emergency Bacon tee shirt from MindlessPursuits

Bacon Dude or Dude-ette from makinbacon

Cloud Ring from LoneyStudios

Yellow rose of Texas from LaurieRyan

Black Forest Earrings from hollygems

Ruffled Bamboo Crochet Fancy Collar from Fuzzy Lumpkin Crochet


  1. Great collection! Bacon Dude and Dude-ette are a lot of fun.

  2. Awesome post about Team Bacon member items. Thanks for showing my owl!