Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yep, it's Miley Cyrus

1. This girl is seventeen years old, and this is some sort of bird porn, right?
2. This corset retails for $25,000.00, was designed by The Blonds, and is made from metal and peacock feathers.
3. Miley wears the corset in her new music video for her song. . . yeah, who cares. In the video, she also dances around in hot pants and thigh high boots.
4. Why does our culture think it's all right to do this to children?
5. Where can I buy the knock off version of this outfit?


  1. that be art-NOT BIRD PORN. You can get that outfit right on etsy. Don't you know they sell EVERTHING there? Wish my body looked like that!

  2. Warning - I'm going to drop the F-bomb.

    Miley Cyrus annoys the FUCK out of me!!!

    Anyway, metal corset - yay! All those damn feathers? Not so yay.

  3. Billy Ray was always hot even with the mullet but I think he's probably dumb as a post and a terrible parent. I have a daughter the same age and no way in hell would I let her prance around like that even if she was the family money maker! Some things are just wrong and money does not make this right!