Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Butter Jesus has melted

So, if you travel I-75 south of where I live toward Cincinnati, you were heartily greeted by a sixty-two foot tall Jesus statue. For years, this statue has been admired, feared and criticized. He was a stern-faced Jesus, arms upraised, and he quickly was called many different names, including Touchdown Jesus and Big Butter Jesus, because, due to his color, he looked like he may have been molded out of butter at the Ohio State Fair. Everyone had an opinion about this statue. He was kind of like our local Eiffel Tower.
Until last night, when he was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground. Apparently, the statue was made of fiberglass and Styrofoam with a metal framework. This is all that remains. Who makes a six story statue out of flammable materials?
I know the entire area will miss him, one way or another. Also, Touchdown Jesus is the hottest Google search this morning, so this has become an international story.
I leave you with some of the fan artwork created on the Jeeebus website. Did I mention that some people criticized the statue? They also satirized it.
Goodbye, Big Butter Jesus. You will be missed.


  1. Uh oh-what's Jeeebus going to do now?

  2. I wonder if they could insure him? Because it they did, I am almost sure they'll rebuild him, maybe out of something more fire retardant.