Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kindle? Bah!

People keep telling me about how great Kindles are. You can get all the books you'll ever need in a little gadget. More environmentally friendly! Saves space! Shiny!

I say BAH!

Give me a book. A nice old fashioned book. Even better if the book is a hardback and was printed before 1950.

Give me mellow or crisp pages to touch and turn, and that lovely book smell, whether an old book that smells of libraries, or a new book that smells of fresh ink.

Give me the comforting weight of a book in my lap, or a book falling on my face when I go to sleep reading. A secondhand book that had a life before it reached me.

I don't want pixels or backlights or touchscreens or cursors. I want a book. A real honest to goodness book to connect with and respect.
All images here are of illuminated manuscripts, so lovely, back from when books were rare works of art. The earliest existing illuminated manuscript is from 400-600 AD. Where will a Kindle be in 1500 years?


  1. I'm a huge gadget freak but there is nothing like reading a real book. It's one thing that I'll never want changed. The tactile experience of holding, touching the pages and inhaling the scent of a paper book cannot be replaced. Technology comes and goes, works or doesn't but books are books always, no batteries required.

  2. I totally agree. 100%. I've had some book addicts like me, though, recently tell me the kindle is the best even though they never thought they'd like it, either. Really, there's just nothing like a real book.

  3. Couldn't agree more!!! LOVE me some old fashioned books!

  4. ah ha! but what about the I-pad?
    No? me either. I much prefer a solid, dog-eared book. Besides I don't think an electronic gadget in the bath is a good idea!