Saturday, June 19, 2010

TV! Work of Art

Okay, back to Bravo's new reality competition show, Work of Art, wherein a batch of artists from various backgrounds, fluent in different mediums, compete to become. . . the winner of all reality TV artists. Or something.
This is your winning work of art from last week's episode, and I have to confess that I absolutely do not get it. The artists had to create a sculpture or installation from discarded electronic equipment. All righty. So Miles, the winner from last week's episode, made a bed and curled up on it and went to sleep. Mmmm hmmmm. He didn't even use his repurposed electrical thingie, only a silk screened version of a circuit on his plastic mattress. And let's not even discuss the pair of cement sphincters.
I'm not claiming to be super knowledgeable about art, especially modern art and/or performance art and installations. However, this just wasn't all that groundbreaking. Also, I've read online that Miles' entire personality, from his OCD issues to his chronic insomnia and general twitchy oddness, were all. . . wait for it. . . one long planned performance art act DONE JUST FOR THE SHOW! Sorry to shout there, but how much silliness is that?
Miles will probably go on to win the whole shebang--the money, the mirrorball trophy, the seats to next year's Super Bowl. Okay, I'm not even sure what they're trying to win here, to be honest. But the judges and producers of these types of shows just love this sort of pseudo-innovative groundbreaking stuff, whether it has any honest intent behind it or not. There seem to be genuine artists on this show who are trying to create heartfelt works. Let's hope one of them gets some recognition next week, and not Mr. Collage Personality 2010.

Oh, and I'm absolutely hooked on the show. It's worth a watch, if only because it's always interesting to watch people create outside of their normal modes in a claustrophobic pressure cooker of reality TV weirdness. I hope they have to make something from shellfish and stuffed animals before this is all over.

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