Monday, June 28, 2010

Twitter false positives and a hot kitten

When I add a new Etsy listing, I always post it on Twitter because it gets views that way on the view counter. Otherwise, a poor necklace can sit there for hours before anyone looks at it. So, today I read something that said most of those views are fake. They're bot views, not real eyes looking at my necklace. Faux bot eyes. And do you know what I say? I don't care! I'm going to continue to post stuff on Twitter even if 99% of the views that come from there are nonhuman. Why? Because it's encouraging to even have the illusion that someone is glancing at your Etsy shop when you add something new. I'll just pretend that I don't know that it's R2D2 or whoever. Bots? Who thought of Bots, and what is their purpose? Do bots make money? If so, how? If not, why are they out there anonymously looking at Etsy listings?

On the home front, it's hot in Ohio, and someone who shall not be named, but is a black and white opinionated kitten, believes that we need the air on all day long. I'm pretty stingy with air conditioning. That's why I end up with this face staring at me.
Do they make cat bots?

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